Automation, Instrumentation, and Measurement Products

Our industry-preferred products support the upstream, midstream, and downstream energy sectors.  The energy industry requires the safest most reliable products delivered to meet the ever-changing demands of each project.  Method Flow Products provides the experience and flexibility to meet our customer’s needs and contribute to the success of each project.

Meter Runs | MAG Meters | 5-Valve Manifolds | Orifice Plates | Pipeline Ball Valves | Trunnions & Floaters | Threaded Valves | Gauges | Fittings | Turbine Meters | Thermal Mass Measurement | Instrumentation | Solar Packages | Batteries | Coriolis Meters | Control Valves | Solar Skids

Canalta Logo

Single and Dual Chamber Orifice fittings

OleumTech Logo

Level Sensors
Pressure Transmitters
Tuning Forks
Thief Hatch Switches
Tilt and Vibration Transmitters

Superlok Logo

Face Seal Fittings
Weld Fittings
Dielectric Fittings
Brass Fittings and Valves
Carbon Steel Fittings
Stainless Steel Tubing
Flexible Metal Hoses
Rubber Hoses

Turbines Inc Logo

Liquid Turbine Flow Meters
Wafer Turbine Flow Meters
Flow Monitors
Retrofit and Rebuilds & Parts and Accessories


Sureshot Single Chamber Orifice Fitting
Sureshot Double Chamber Orifice Fitting

Balon Valves Logo

Pressure and Temperature Gauges
Floating Ball Valves
Trunnion Valves
Swing Check Valves
Needle Valves
Test and Tap Valves
Gear Operators

Interstate Batteries Logo

Batteries of all sizes

Dyna Flo Logo

Fisher Process Control Equipment
Control Valves
Equivalent Fisher Valve Parts

Daniel Logo

Single and Dual Chamber Orifice fittings

RJ Machine Logo

Universal and Paddle Orifice Plates
Leveling Saddles
Thermowells and Sample Probes

Ameresco Logo

Renewable energy solutions
Solar, CHP, renewable natural gas, wind, paired with microgrid and battery storage technologies

Red River Instruments Logo

Universal Orifice Plates
Paddle Orifice Plates

Cata-Dyne Logo

Explosion-Proof Infrared Gas Catalytic Heaters
Gas, Electrical and Accessory Connections

Ruffneck Logo

Heavy-duty explosion-proof heaters
Explosion-proof exhaust fans

Phoenix Contact Logo

Cables and Lines
Electronic Switching Devices and Motor Control
Electronics Housings
Lighting and Signaling
Measurement and Control Technology

Morningstar Logo

Morningstar designs solar charge controllers, inverters, and accessories for off-grid and grid-tied battery backup systems through its Professional and Essential Series.

Kurz Logo

Single Point Insertion Meters
Multi Point Insertion Meters
In-Line Flow Meters
Monitoring and Sampling Systems
Portable Flow Meters
Mass Flow Computers

BelGas Logo

Gas Regulators
Back Pressure Relief Regulators
Flow Controllers
Manifold Systems
Needle Valves

Emerson Logo

Daniel™ Orifice Meter Tubes
Measurement Instrumentation
Valves, Actuators and Regulators
Fluid Controls and Pneumatics
Control and Safety Systems

ABB Total Flow Logo

Flow Computers
Communication Devices
BTU/CV Transmitters
Data Management & Collection Software for Gas Flow Measurement

Yokogawa Logo

Industrial Automation
Solution-based Software
Field Instruments

Marsh Bellofram Logo

Pressure and Temperature Gauges

Profire Energy Inc Logo

Burner Management Systems
Combustion Control

Catco Logo

Electric heaters
Catalytic heaters
Heated enclosure packages
Space heaters

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 HMI Panels
CloudVPN Gateways
Converters and IIoT Gateways
Industrial Data Communications


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Motor Control
Disconnect Switches, Push Buttons & Indicator Lights
Circuit Protection
Terminal Blocks
Stack Lights
Relays & Timers


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ASME Code Vessels
2-Phase and 3-Phase Separators
Vertical and Horizontal Heater Treaters
Vapor Recovery Towers


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Level Sensors
Level Sensor Accessories
OEM Controls
Energy Management Tools

Beijer Electronics Logo

Universal and Paddle Orifice Plates
Plate Boxes